Online A.A. Group Add/Change Form

Aloha! We are in the process of moving to a new online meeting listing system. Our old system and meeting grids will be removed by the end of the month. We have transferred the currently listed groups to the new listing, but you will probably want to submit your listing again as a changed listing. There are a lot of new options and space for you to describe your meeting. Please check a few of the listings currently up for examples.

New Online Meeting List

Currently, only meetings hosted by Oahu Groups or Members will be posted in keeping with the mission of the OIG. Please read our OIG Online Meeting Form Instructions and our Online Meeting Guidelines fully before making a submission.

OIG Online Meeting Form Instructions
Online Meeting Guidelines

You must have an account with a video-conferencing provider Oahu Intergroup of HI Inc., does not create meetings for you. You must sign up with a video-conferencing provider, create your meeting, then submit the link and other information to us so that we may list it.

Online A.A. Group Add / Change Change form

Use this form to submit a new online meeting or change an existing listing. Please follow the instructions for each field; incorrect submission may result in rejection.

Submitting a meeting for online listing does not automatically change the group’s status on the regular (physical) meeting schedule. The group’s Intergroup Rep or Group Contact must still contact the Central Office to change the group’s physical status.

Physical A.A. Group Add / Change from

To change your group’s physical status, please use our online form at this link:

Physical Group Add or Change form (digital)

Alcoholics Anonymous