• 85-131 Ala Hema St
    Waianae, HI 96792

    District 17 - Waianae

    ACCESSIBILITY: 1. Is there a parking stall specifically for individuals with accessibility issues? Does it have an 8-foot wide access aisle, with 98-inches of vertical clearance, available for lift-equipped van? YES 2. Is there a ramp with 6-foot long railings, between 34 and 38-inches high? NO 3. Does the entrance door have at least 32-inches of clear opening (for a double door, at-least one 32-inch leaf)? YES 4. Is the threshold 1/4-inch high or less, or if beveled, no more than 3/4-inches high? YES 5. In the restroom, is there a wheelchair accessible stall that has an area of at least 5 feet by 5 feet, clear of the door swing? YES 6. Or is there a less accessible stall that provides a greater access than a typical stall (either 36 by 69-inches or 48 by 69-inches) NO

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  • Updated November 17, 2020