Central Office Volunteer

Here are our regular Central Office Phone Volunteer and Overnight Phone Angel Volunteers shifts. We are always looking to provide service opportunities to the Oahu Fellowship. If you are interested in serving as  a phone volunteer, adding your name to our Twelfth Step List or providing a service we haven’t though of yet, please contact our Central Office Manager:

Adina at manager(at)oahucentraloffice.com or call Central Office at 946-1438 for further contact information.

You may also sign-up using our online contact form by following this link: Online Volunteer Sign-Up

For fuller descriptions of each of the Central Office/Intergroup service positions please see our Volunteer Job Descriptions page.

In Office Volunteers
Monday 9a-Noon Noon-3p 3p-6p
Tuesday 9a-Noon Noon-3p 3p-6p
Wednesday 9a-Noon Noon-3p 3p-6p
Thursday 9a-Noon Noon-3p 3p-6p
Friday 9a-Noon Noon-3p 3p-6p
Saturday (as of 5/13/17)  9a-Noon  Noon-3p
After Hour Phone Angels
Sunday 12a-6a 6a-Noon Noon-6p 6p-12a
Monday 6p-12a 12a-6a
Tuesday 6p-12a 12a-6a
Wednesday 6p-12a 12a-6a
Thursday 6p-12a 12a-6a
Friday 6p-12a 12a-6a
Saturday 12a-6a 6a-9a  3p-6p  6p-12a
12-Step Volunteers
Please let us know your gender, location, and available times!

“I am responsible …
When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.
And for that, I am responsible.”