Manager’s Job Description

Oahu Central Office Manager

Job Description

The Central Office Manager is the focal point of A.A. contact and communication for the Oahu Central Office, and must be responsible to the needs of A.A. group and its members. The manager functions under the direct guidance and supervision of the Oahu Intergroup of Hawai`i, Inc., Steering Committee Officers.

The Manager must have ability to effectively represent area A.A. groups as a primary point of contact for outside agencies seeking general information about A.A. These may include the media, schools, churches, industry, and professionals including those working in the field of alcoholic rehabilitation.

The nature of the position is such that working hours may be flexible. The manager will coordinate the work of volunteers during each week so that service at the Oahu Central Office is available in-person for the number of hours determined by the manager in consultation with the Steering Committee officers.

Any applicant for employment must be willing to submit to a background verification check.

Any new employee will be subject to a standard 90-day probationary period.


The salary will be determined based on previous experience, hours worked, and duties performed. Standard taxes will be applied. The Office Manager will receive an Annual Performance Evaluation from the Steering Committee Officers and then and be considered for a salary increase by recommendation of the Steering Committee Officers.


  • 30 days combined vacation and sick leave
  • Comp time by agreement with steering committee
  • Federal Holidays

Required Qualifications:  Membership in Alcoholics Anonymous

Desired Qualifications:

  • Minimum of five years of continuous sobriety is desired.
  • Familiarity with A.A. service in such positions as secretary, treasurer, Intergroup Representative (I.G.R.), General Service Representative (G.S.R.), or other Area positions.
  • Experience with general office management functions, including record keeping, preparation of correspondence, filing, and typing.
  • Ability to perform basic operations on computer. Must demonstrate some proficiency in standard office software, internet browsing, and email operations.
  • Experience with general functions, including maintenance of checking and savings account records, simple bookkeeping, experience with financial software, and preparation of regular nonprofit financial statements.
  • Familiarity with the A.A. structure, ranging from the home group to the General Service Office (GSO), and familiarity with Oahu Central Office (Intergroup), District, and Area functions, relations and operations.
  • Familiarity with the A.A. Service Manual, Twelve Concepts of A.A. Service, and A.A. Guidelines for Central of Intergroup Offices.
  • Willingness to be of service to the A.A. Fellowship according to the principles outlined in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous as well as the A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Service.
  • Supervisory experience


  • Maintain the Oahu Central Office facility follow procedures described in the A.A. Guidelines for Central or Intergroup Offices.
  • Manage after hour call service.
  • Maintain logs and records necessary for effective operations.
  • Ensure that the office is staffed by competent volunteers, and maintain a roster and schedule of these volunteers.
  • Maintain an up-to-date Twelfth Step list.
  • Coordinate the exchange of information on A.A. matters between groups and members.
  • Cooperate with A.A.’s friends in the professional community on matters concerning the suffering alcoholic and pass these requests on to the appropriate service body.
  • Maintain a display of books and pamphlets representative of those items available for purchase.
  • Ensure that the physical office space, bulletin boards, restroom, and book from are kept neat and clean.
  • Be responsible for maintaining Oahu Intergroup of Hawai`i, Inc., checking & savings accounts.
  • Ensure that bills and financial obligations are met each month.
  • Maintain adequate records to prepare the following financial reports:
    • Formal monthly and annual financial reports of Oahu Central Office operations prepared for OIG Business Meeting and Steering Committee Meetings.
    • State and Federal tax reports and filings as needed.
    • Advise the Steering Committee officers of any matter requiring action or decision before the next Steering Committee Meeting.
  • Attend all regular OIG Business Meetings and Steering Committee Meetings.
  • Operate the Oahu Central Office in the spirit of service as reflected in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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