Brief Guide for Intergroup Representatives

How it works:

The Intergroup Representative (IGR) is elected by his/her Homegroup. The IGR attends the monthly Intergroup Business Meeting currently held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at Palama Settlement. This participation will allow for a two-way flow of information between Central Office and the groups it serves. The IGR also attends their Homegroups’ business meeting asking for suggestions and input on issues presented.

The IGR is the groups’ link to those elected to maintain and operate Central Office, better known as the Intergroup Steering Committee. The Intergroup Steering Committee is comprised of A.A. members elected by the Intergroup Representatives at the November Intergroup Elections Meeting held biannually (every other year) who function in the capacity a board of directors. The primary purpose of INTERGROUP shall be the administration and coordination of A.A. activities common to the various groups comprising its membership. The activities include: Furthering the A.A. program in accordance with the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and maintaining a Central Office for A.A. on the Island of Oahu.

As an IGR, you can do a number of things to serve your group and Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Attend the once a month Intergroup Business Meetings. Encourage your Homegroup to elect an Alternate Intergroup Representative who can attend the monthly meeting in your absence and also become familiar enough to stand for the next panel.
  • Keep your Homegroup informed. Take notes at the Intergroup Business Meeting and provide a written report for your Homegroup. Coordinate time with your Homegroup secretary for a few minutes during the Homegroups Business Meeting to provide an objective report of what occurred at the last Intergroup Business Meeting. The goal is obtain your Group Conscious on the various issues and relay that information during the next Intergroup Business Meeting.
  • Know the Bylaws of Intergroup. Oahu Intergroup operates under a set of guidelines called the Bylaws. There is a copy of the Bylaws in this packet. You should read it and be familiar with its provisions.
  • Sign up volunteers. Recruit members of your group for Service on Intergroup committees or as central office, after hours phone angel and activities committee volunteers.
  • Keep your group’s records current. Make sure that your Homegroup’s information is correct on the hardcopy meeting schedule, on the website ( That Central Office has the name and contact information of your groups primary contact. Please have your primary contact update Central Office regarding changes in your meeting.
  • Help keep Alcoholics Anonymous solvent. Advise the group Treasurer of where the 7th Tradition money should go after the group’s expenses are met.
    It is also important that your group have a primary contact, that we may remain in contact with

Suggested Reading list for Intergroup Representatives

  • Oahu Intergroup Structures and Guidelines
  • “The A.A. Service Manual & the Twelve Concepts for World Service”
  • “The Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions”
  • “A.A. Comes of Age”
  • “Dr. Bob and the Good Old timers”
  • Pamphlet P-43 “The Twelve Traditions Illustrated”
  • Pamphlet P-8 “The Twelve concepts for World Service Illustrated”
  • Pamphlet P-16 “The A.A. Group”
  • Pamphlet F-3 “Self-Support: where Money and Spirituality Mix”
  • AA Grapevine “Traditions Checklist”

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