Website Guidelines

1) Oahu Intergroup hereby establishes guidelines for its Web Site. These guidelines shall be
composed of the following items:
2) Oahu Intergroup will create and maintain an Internet Web Site: The purpose of the
Internet Web Site is to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous by providing a resource
on the Internet where alcoholics can get information about AA meetings on the island of
Oahu, AA-related activities and the business of Oahu Intergroup.
3) The Internet Web Site shall have the name,
4) The Web Site should use only first names and last initials; no full names to protect
5) The Internet Web Site shall include, but not be limited to the following:
A) Twelve Steps.
B) Twelve Traditions.
C) Online Big Book.
D) “The Promises”.
E) Links to GSO and AA Grapevine.
F) Full and accurate list of Meetings on the island of Oahu with meeting names and
addresses, times and appropriate meeting flags.
G) Email corrections to the webmaster.
H) Event Calendar
I) Internet Web Site Guidelines.
J) Information about Oahu Intergroup including contact info and date/time of Oahu
Intergroup Monthly Meeting.
K) Minutes, Financial Reports and Central Office Reports for Oahu Intergroup.
6) The Web Site shall be administered by the Webmaster with the oversight of the Steering
7) The Web Site shall conform to the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Alcoholics
Anonymous and to these Guidelines.
8) In keeping with AA Traditions the Internet Web Site shall cooperate with other AA
entities by providing reference only, including a non-affiliation disclaimer. Any links to non-AA
material will be properly identified with proper non-affiliation disclaimers. Any use of
intellectual material not owned by Oahu Intergroup shall be properly acknowledged.
9) All content of, and suggestions for additions or modifications to the Web Site shall be
reviewed by the Steering Committee for adherence to AA Traditions.
10) Hawaii AA business events will be posted on a Service Calendar, provided that they
conform to the Twelve Traditions. Acceptable events would include but not be limited to the
1.Intergroup events (I.G. rep meetings, workshops)
2.Area events (Area committee meetings, Area assemblies)
3.District events (District GSR meetings, workshops)
11) Other AA related events will be posted on a separate Events Calendar, provided that
they conform to the Twelve Traditions. Acceptable events would include but not be limited to
the following:
1. Intergroup events (Founders Day, I.G. Round-up)
2. Area events
3. District events (alcathons)
4. Registered Homegroup events (dances, campouts, picnics)
5. AA Conventions or Conferences provided they have no outside affiliations.

Alcoholics Anonymous